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Baki Season 5 has been a long time coming, and fans of the series are eagerly awaiting its release. However, recent reports suggest that the series may not be continuing after all. With so much uncertainty swirling around Baki Season 5, it’s important to know what the real release date is. So, is Baki Season 5 cancelled or not? We’ll let you know as soon as we have more information.

Baki Season 5 is set to release on July 6th. However, there are reports that the series may be cancelled after a few episodes have aired. If you’re a fan of Baki, this news might be hard to take. However, we want to reassure you that there is still a chance for the series to continue. So far, no one has officially announced whether or not Season 5 will actually air, but we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available. In the meantime, what are your thoughts on the possibility of Baki Season 5 being cancelled? Let us know in the comments below!

Baki Season 5 Release Date

According to reports, the Baki Season 5 release date has been confirmed. However, as with all reports concerning this anime series, it is still uncertain if it is actually cancelled or not.

The latest news comes from J-Ward who tweeted that the Baki creator Yoshihiro Togashi is “not doing too well.” The tweet also included a message that said: “Please wait for the announcement of the Baki Season 5 release date.”

This news has led many people to speculate whether or not the fifth season of the anime series will actually be released. While there are no official announcements yet, it’s possible that this could be sign of bad news for fans of the show.

If the fifth season does in fact get released, then it would likely be some time in 2019. However, given Togashi’s current health status and the uncertainty around this upcoming season, there’s no telling what could happen.

The fifth and final season of Baki is set to release on July 14th and it looks like the anime series could be coming to an end. Anime News Network reports that the final episode will have a runtime of about 50 minutes, so it’s likely that there won’t be any more episodes after this one.

There hasn’t been much revealed about the ending, but it seems as if things are going to wrap up pretty quickly. This news comes as a surprise because not long ago, it was announced that the series would get a sixth season. However, now it seems as if those plans have been scrapped.

It’s still possible that Baki might get a sequel or spinoff in the future, but for now it appears as if we’re done with him. Fans of the show will no doubt be sad to see it go but at least we know how things will end.

Baki Season 5 Rumors

Since its inception, Baki has been a fan-favorite anime series. The series follows an overworked young man, Baki Hanma, who is tasked with providing physical training to several street-level fighters in order to keep them in shape and out of trouble. However, when an up-and-coming fighter emerges who is seemingly unrivaled, Baki must put his skills to the test in order to prove himself.

Despite its addictive qualities and impressive following, it has recently been reported that the fifth season of Baki may be the last. Fans have taken to social media platforms to share their sadness over the news and express their hope that an announcement will be forthcoming confirming the show’s cancellation.

While no official statement has been released, it’s definitely possible that this could be the end for Baki fans around the world. If this turns out to be true, we’ll surely miss seeing these lovable characters come together and take on all sorts of challenges. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available about what may be happening with Baki Season 5.

Season 5 of the popular anime series Baki will soon be released, but fans are worried about the show’s future. The fifth season is reportedly shorter than the previous four and rumors suggest that it could be the show’s last. If the rumors are true, this would be a heartbreaking ending for one of Japan’s most beloved animated series.

Fans have been sending petitions to networks asking them to continue airing Baki even if the fifth season is short, but so far there has been no response. If Season 5 is indeed the show’s last, it would make sense for networks to cancel it rather than air an abbreviated final season. However, we still hope for the best and will keep you updated as more information comes out.

Baki Season 5 spoilers

Fans of the Baki anime series are eagerly awaiting the fifth and final season, but it seems the show may not be coming back. The official website for the anime series has not been updated in over two months, leading some to believe that the show may be cancelled.

A possible explanation for this lack of updates could be that officials are waiting for the results of a legal battle between Production I.G and TV Tokyo, which is currently in progress. The dispute concerns royalties from DVDs and Blu-rays sold in Japan. If Production I.G loses this case, it could lead to the cancellation of the series.

Even if production does continue, there is no guarantee that Season 5 will air. TV Tokyo has a history of cancelling anime series mid-season, so fans should not get their hopes up just yet. In any case, Baki Season 5 fans will have to wait until more information becomes available before they can make a decision on whether or not they want to keep watching.

What are the reactions to the announcement of the release date for Baki Season 5?

With the release date for season 5 of Baki coming very soon, many are curious about what the reactions will be. So far, there has been a mixed response from fans of the series. Some believe that the anime is cancelled and others believe it is only a one-season delay. However, with only a few weeks left until the release date, things might change by then

Fans of Baki are anxiously awaiting the release date for the fifth season of the anime series. Originally, it was scheduled to air in Japan in late 2016, but due to licensing issues, it has now been delayed until early 2017. The official website for the show recently posted a message stating that “the production committee and all members involved in Baki have worked very hard, but unfortunately don’t have the necessary resources at this time.” This announcement has caused much speculation about the show’s future. Some people believe that because of licensing issues, the series may be cancelled altogether. Others think that since production on season five has already begun, there is a good chance that it will be released as planned. In any case, Baki fans are anxious to find out more information about this exciting news.



Baki Season 5 has been a long time coming, and with the recent news that it won’t be airing this year, many fans are worried. Here’s everything you need to know about the series release date and whether or not it is cancelled. So what’s going on? Read on to find out!

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