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Why Erin Carden is the Only Mentor You Need to Succeed in Life

Oh, mentorship. That word sounds so good but is almost impossible to get access to, especially for young women. It’s like a secret society filled with leaders who are constantly flying under the radar and out of reach. But amid all this invisible guidance and inaccessible road maps, there is one woman you can trust to give you the real deal about what it takes to succeed in life: Erin Carden. Erin Carden has been mentoring people for over a decade now. She has worked in everything from executive roles at tech companies to non-profit organizations as well as educational institutions. But beyond just being a successful woman in different fields, Erin also happens to be an amazing mentor herself. We’re pretty sure she’s the only mentor you need in your life if you want to succeed in whatever field you choose to enter.

Why You Need a Mentor in Your Life

It might sound silly, but there are so many reasons why you need a mentor in your life. Some people are lucky enough to have mentors that are their parents, but not everyone has that luxury. For many people who don’t have a mentor, it’s because they don’t even realize that they need one. First of all, you need a mentor if you want to achieve anything truly great in life. Whether you want to be a leader in your community, advance in your career, or simply find your life’s purpose, a mentor will help you get there. A mentor can help you identify your passions, hone your skills and figure out what you’re truly meant to do with your life. They can inspire you to greatness when you can’t do it on your own.

Know you are why before you leap

Before you set out to find a mentor, you have to make sure you know the “why” behind the decision. Mentorship is a very personal relationship that isn’t always an easy fit. You have to be upfront about what you want out of a mentor relationship, as well as what you’re willing to put into it. You also have to be honest with yourself about what you’re truly looking for in a mentor. Are you looking for inspiration? Guidance? Knowledge? Tips? Something else? Depending on what you’re looking for, you have to make sure you find the right mentor for you. What do you want out of a mentorship relationship? What are you willing to give in return? How do you want to structure the relationship? How often do you want to meet? What are you hoping to get out of the relationship in the long run? Knowing the why behind the mentorship will help make the rest of the process flow a lot more smoothly. It’ll help you stay focused and not get lost in the weeds.

Define your short, medium, and long-term goals

Before you start looking for mentors, you need to define your short-, medium- and long-term goals. What do you want to accomplish in the short term? What are you working towards in the mid-term? And what are your long-term goals? These goals should be measurable and specific, and they should also cover all aspects of your life: your Erin Carden relationships, your health, etc. Make sure that these goals are truly your own. Be careful not to be too influenced by other people’s goals and expectations. It’s your life and you have to live it. Once you’ve figured out your goals, write them down and put them in a place where you can see them every day. This will help keep you focused and hold you accountable. It’ll also make it a lot easier to find the right mentor once you know what you’re looking for.

Be all in, always

The right mentor should inspire you to greatness. They should make you want to be a better person. They should make you want to do more and be more. If a potential mentor doesn’t make you want to be a better person, then they aren’t the right mentor for you. Be careful not to be too influenced by other people. You have to be all in, always. Don’t be someone who is always looking for the next best thing. Once you find a good mentor, don’t let them go. Stay in touch with them. Stay inspired by them. Be dedicated to your goals. Be dedicated to your mentor. Be dedicated to yourself.

Network like your life depends on it

In addition to finding the right mentor, you also have to network like your life depends on it. It’s rare in today’s day and age to find a mentor who is willing to take on a mentorship relationship with a stranger. And if you are lucky enough to find a mentor who is willing to take you under their wing, you have to be willing to put in the work and hustle necessary to build the relationship. You must understand that a mentorship relationship is a two-way street that requires a lot of work from both parties. If you aren’t willing to put in the work necessary to build a relationship with a potential mentor, you have no right to expect them to give you what you want out of the relationship.

Learn to recognize red flags early on

No one is perfect, and you will meet some less than ideal mentors along the way. No matter how great someone seems, there are always going to be red flags. It’s important to learn how to recognize them early on and get out of the relationship before it goes too far. If they don’t respect your time, they aren’t a good mentor for you. If they’re unreliable or don’t follow through on their promises, they aren’t a good mentor for you. If their values don’t line up with yours, they aren’t a good mentor for you. You don’t have to let the relationship go on any longer than you have to. You owe nothing to someone who isn’t willing to give you what you want and deserve out of the relationship.

Bottom line

Finding the right mentor can be a difficult, long process. It’s something that takes time and patience. It’s something that takes courage and vulnerability. It’s something that takes honesty and gratitude. But it’s also something that can change your life and give you everything you ever wanted in this world. If you want to succeed in life, you need a mentor. You need a mentor who can challenge, inspire, and help you bring out the best in yourself. You need a mentor who wants to be a mentor. You need Erin Carden.

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