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Welcome to my blog! Today, I want to share with you my thoughts on the Hongkong Doll in FINAL FANTASY XIV. For those of you who don’t know, the Hongkong Doll is a new item that was added in patch 5.3 of the game. It’s a pretty cute little doll, and it can be used to decorate your house or apartment in the game. I think it’s a great addition to the game, and I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy collecting them. However, there are also some people who are unhappy with the Hongkong Doll. They think it’s a waste of time and money, and they don’t understand why it was added to the game. I understand both sides of the argument, but I personally think the Hongkong Doll is a great addition to FINAL FANTASY XIV. What do you think?

What is the Hongkong Doll?

The Hongkong Doll is a special item that can be obtained through various means, such as completing certain quests or purchasing it from the Market Board. It is used to summon forth a powerful creature known as the Fire Phoenix.

This doll is unique to Final Fantasy XIV and cannot be found in any other game. It is said to resemble a popular creature known as the Hong Kong Bird. The phoenix that is summoned from the doll will attack enemies with powerful fire spells. When destroyed, the Hongkong Doll will drop various items that can be used to create new ones.

How to get the Hongkong Doll

Assuming you have already completed the main story quest “Heavensward” and have access to Ishgard, head to Ishgard and speak with Marie, who is located near the fountain in Foundation. She will give you a quest called “A Pup for Pierre”. Complete this quest and it will lead you to another NPC named Sylber Viscardi. Speak with him to start the quest “The Goodest Boy”.

Once you have completed The Goodest Boy, return to Marie and she will give you the quest “To Bury That Which Should Not Be Known”. This final quest will take you into Stone Vigil (Hard), where you must defeat the boss Dravanianforerunner. After defeating the boss, loot the treasure chest that appears for your reward: The Hongkong Doll.

The benefits of having the Hongkong Doll

The Hongkong Doll is a special item that can be used to decorate your house in the game Final Fantasy XIV. This doll is only available through the use of a game code, which can be obtained by pre-ordering the game, or by purchasing it from the Square Enix Store.

The Hongkong Doll has several benefits that make it worth obtaining:

1. It can be used to add a touch of eastern flair to your home.

2. The doll is animated and will move and make sounds when interacted with. This can help bring your house to life and make it feel more like home.

3. The doll can be placed in any room of your house, giving you the flexibility to customize your home’s layout.

4. The doll is a collector’s item and may increase in value over time.

5. The Hongkong Doll is an exclusive item that not everyone will have, making it a conversation piece and a source of pride for those who do own one.

How to use the Hongkong Doll 

Assuming you have already acquired a Hongkong doll, the first thing you’ll need to do is find a nice, quiet spot to set it up. Once you’ve done that, simply approach the doll and press the “interact” button. Doing so will cause your character to sit down in front of the doll and begin meditating.

The meditation process will take some time, during which your character will be completely vulnerable to attacks. It’s important that you make sure you’re in a safe area before beginning, as there’s no telling when or if someone might try to take advantage of your defenseless state.

Once the meditation is complete, your character will be filled with a sense of calm and peace. The effects of this will vary depending on your character’s class and job, but all characters will receive some sort of benefit from spending time with the doll.

Buy HongKong dolls

Looking for a unique souvenir from your time in Hong Kong? Why not pick up a Hong Kong doll! These charming little dolls are dressed in traditional Chinese clothing and make for a great addition to any collection. You can find them for sale at many different markets and shops around the city, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

HongKongDoll on Instagram

Hong Kong Doll is a popular account on Instagram with over 100,000 followers. The account is run by a fan of the game FINAL FANTASY XIV and features photos and videos of the game’s characters, locations, and gameplay.

Hong Kong Doll often posts exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else, making it a must-follow for any fan of the game. In addition to photos and videos, the account also features story posts about the game’s characters and lore. Whether you’re a casual fan or a hardcore player, you’re sure to find something interesting on Hong Kong Doll’s Instagram account!

hong kong doll video — Yandex

A new video for the Hong Kong Doll has been released on the official Japanese website for FINAL FANTASY XIV! The video features the doll in action, as well as a look at its unique design.

Check out the Hong Kong Doll video below!

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