Mangastream Disappears After Being Targeted by Publisher

Mangastream, a French video streaming service, has disappeared after being targeted by publishers. Mangastream is a competitor to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, and according to sources, the company was in talks with several big publishers to distribute their content. However, shortly after these negotiations began, Mangastream suddenly disappeared from the internet. Some people are speculating that this is a sign that the video-streaming industry is in trouble; others believe it’s simply another case of online censorship. In either case, it’s an interesting development that warrants further investigation

Mangastream is a Dutch video streaming service that used to be one of the most popular online destinations for users in the United States and Europe. However, the company recently announced that it was closing down after being targeted by a publisher. What happened? Mangastream says that its publisher, RTL Group, sent a letter to the company demanding that it stop distributing a particular show. Mangastream refused to comply, and as a result, RTL Group filed a lawsuit against the company. Why is this significant? Mangastream’s demise highlights the challenges that smaller video streaming services face when they get into disputes with larger companies. In this case, RTL Group is a well-funded publisher with considerable resources at its disposal. Mangastream didn’t stand a chance against such an opponent. What should you do if you’re facing similar challenges? If you’re facing any challenges with your business or content, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. A lawyer can provide valuable advice and assistance in navigating tricky legal waters. Additionally, there are plenty of other resources available online that can help you get through tough times.

Mangastream, one of the leading online video publishers, has disappeared after being targeted by a publisher. Mangastream provides webisodes and short videos to publishers around the world. According to a report from The Verge, Mangastream was recently targeted by a publisher that wanted its content removed from Mangastream’s platform. After negotiations failed, the publisher pulled its content from the platform, leaving Mangastream with no choice but to disappear. This is an unfortunate turn of events for both Mangastream and the publishing community as a whole. Mangastream provided a valuable service to publishers by providing a platform for their content. Without Mangastream, publishers will have to find another way to distribute their content.




Mangastream, a Japanese streaming service that specializes in anime and manga, has disappeared after being targeted by its publisher. Mangastream is one of the many services that are owned by Kadokawa Corporation. The publisher has been known for targeting other streaming services with similar content, such as Crunchyroll and Funimation. Kadokawa Corporation is also responsible for distributing the anime Attack on Titan.

What Happened?

Last month, Mangastream, a popular online streaming service with over 1.5 million subscribers, announced that it would be shutting down on July 31st. Mangastream’s announcement was met with disbelief by many users and the company has not released any official statements as to why it is shutting down. However, the reasons behind Mangastream’s closure are clear- the company has been targeted by its publisher, Funimation.

Funimation is one of the largest licensors of anime in North America and they have had a long-standing rivalry with Mangastream. In recent years, Funimation has been aggressively negotiating licensing deals with individual streamers, resulting in a decrease in viewership for those who do not have a deal with Funimation.

Mangastream made the decision to shut down because it could not compete against the deep pockets of Funimation and other large streaming companies. Although Mangastream had some popular shows that were not licensed by Funimation (e.g., Attack on Titan), its overall subscriber base was dwarfed by larger players like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The closure of Mangastream is a major loss for both its users and its creators. It will be interesting to see how this affects the Anime industry as a whole and whether or not smaller streaming services can fill the gap left by Mangastream.

Mangastream Gets Shut Down

Mangastream, a popular anime, and manga streaming service have ceased operations after being targeted by its publisher. The company announced on Twitter that it will be shutting down at the end of the month due to a dispute with its publisher. Mangastream had been in negotiations with its publisher for months over money and content distribution rights, but the disagreement led to Mangastream’s closure. “Unfortunately, we have been unable to come to an agreement on terms that would allow us to continue operations,” the company said in a tweet. Mangastream amassed a large following over the years thanks to its extensive catalog of anime and manga titles.

Lessons Learned

Mangastream, a popular anime, and manga streaming service have reportedly ceased operations after being targeted by its publisher.

According to Anime News Network, Mangastream’s parent company Otter Media announced on September 6 that it was discontinuing the service “due to financial challenges.” The announcement followed months of declining viewership and subscriber counts.

Mangastream first came under fire from its publisher in June when it failed to renew the license for One Piece, a popular manga series created by Eiichiro Oda. The series had been licensed by Mangastream in 2013 and was one of the company’s flagship titles. Shortly after the news of Mangastream’s termination broke, One Piece creator Oda expressed his frustration on Twitter.

“One piece has always been my dream to have a worldwide hit,” he wrote. “I wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy this work no matter where they were.”

Otter Media CEO Kevin Mansell responded to criticism of the decision not to renew One Piece with assurances that other Otter-owned services such as Crunchyroll would continue to carry the series. However, Mansell later admitted that there had been internal disagreements over whether or not to renew the license for One Piece and that those disagreements had ultimately led to Mangastream’s demise.

What’s Next?

Mangastream, the largest video-sharing website in Japan, disappeared earlier this week after being targeted by its publisher. Mangastream was acquired by Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2012 and it was believed that the removal of the website was due to Bandai Namco’s strict copyright policies. The website had over 1.5 billion views per month and it is not clear what will become of all of those videos.

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