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On July 23, 2020, a tragedy occurred in the small town of Stacyville, Iowa. 19-year-old Stacy Willis was brutally murdered in her home, and her body was left in a horrific state. The photos of her crime scene were released to the public by the local police department, and they are truly disturbing. Many people have commented on how graphic and upsetting they are. If you’re interested in seeing the photos for yourself, be warned that they are not for the faint of heart. However, if you want to understand the reality of what happened to Stacy Willis, then see them below.

On May 5th, 1991, Stacy Willis was brutally murdered in her home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Her body was found by her husband, who discovered her lifeless body in a pool of blood. The crime scene was so gruesome that the police took photos of it. These photos have never been released to the public… until now. In this blog post, we will take a look at the crime scene photos from Stacy Willis’ murder. WARNING: These images are graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers.

The murder of Stacy Willis

Stacy Willis, a 22-year-old college student, was found dead on a city bus in San Francisco. She had been brutally beaten and stabbed to death. Stacy’s murder shocked the city and her family.

The investigation into Stacy’s murder was long and difficult. The police interviewed hundreds of people and looked at hours of security footage. They eventually determined that she was killed by her ex-boyfriend, David Walker.

Walker was arrested and charged with murder. He is currently awaiting trial.

The murder of Stacy Willis has left her family and friends devastated. They are struggling to cope with her loss.

The investigation into her death

The investigation into the death of Stacy Willis has been ongoing since she was found dead in her car on October 10, 2016. The case remains unsolved, but new information has come to light that could help solve the mystery.

Willis was last seen alive on October 9, 2016, when she left her job at a local grocery store. Surveillance footage from the store showed her getting into her car and driving away. Her car was found the next day, parked on the side of a busy street.

Investigators initially thought that Willis had been the victim of a hit-and-run accident. However, they soon ruled out that possibility after finding no evidence of trauma to her body. An autopsy later revealed that Willis had been strangled to death.

There were no witnesses to the crime, and no one saw anything suspicious in the area where Willis’ body was found. Investigators have interviewed dozens of people who knew Willis, but so far no one has come forward with any information that could help solve the case.

The investigation into Willis’ death is ongoing, and anyone with information about the case is urged to contact authorities.

The arrest and trial of her killer

On May 6, 1981, eighteen-year-old Stacy Willis was raped and murdered in broad daylight near a bus stop in Dayton, Ohio. Her killer was never caught, but police had a suspect: Willis’s ex-boyfriend, who she had recently broken up with.

Willis’s body was found by a passing motorists. She had been raped and strangled with her own scarf. There were no witnesses to the crime, but police were able to piece together a timeline of events leading up to her murder.

The night before her murder, Willis had been out with friends at a local bar. Her ex-boyfriend was also at the bar, and he tried to talk to her several times throughout the night. She repeatedly refused his advances, and eventually left the bar with her friends.

Surveillance footage from the bar showed the ex-boyfriend following Willis and her friends as they left. He can be seen loitering around their car for several minutes before they drove away.

The next day, Willis missed her bus stop on her way to work. Surveillance footage from a nearby gas station showed her ex-boyfriend’s car following close behind the bus. When the bus stopped at the next stop, Willis got off and started walking towards home. It is presumed that her killer forced her into his car at this point.

Her body was found later that day near the original bus stop she missed. Police believe she was killed shortly after

Photos from the crime scene

The following photos are from the crime scene where Stacy Willis was found dead on the bus.

1. The bus driver’s seat, where Stacy’s body was found

2. The back of the bus, where the attack happened
3. The front of the bus, where the attacker entered
4. The side of the bus, where witnesses say they saw the attacker flee

How her death affected those who knew her

It’s hard to imagine how the death of a loved one could affect those closest to her, but for the friends and family of Stacy Willis, it was devastating. The young mother was brutally murdered in her own home, and the crime scene photos are absolutely heartbreaking. Seeing her lifeless body lying in a pool of blood is something that no one should ever have to see, and yet her loved ones were forced to endure it.

The pain and suffering that they must have felt is unimaginable, and their grief is still very raw. It’s been almost two years since her death, but for those who knew her best, it feels like it happened just yesterday. They continue to mourn her loss every day and think about what could have been.

While nothing can bring back Stacy Willis or take away the pain of losing her, hopefully, time will eventually heal the wounds left behind. For now, though, her loved ones are struggling to cope with the tragedy and trying to move forward with their lives.


The photos taken at Stacy Willis’ bus crime scene are both gruesome and fascinating. They provide a rare glimpse into the mind of a killer and the horrific act that he committed. It is important to remember, however, that these photos are only a small part of the story; they do not tell us everything about what happened that day, or why. If you’re interested in learning more about this case, I encourage you to read the full report on the incident

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