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When the 100 seasons ended, it was certainly a bittersweet experience. We were left on a cliffhanger and were anxious to find out what would happen next. Well, now that the wait is over and we have the 100 seasons 8 release date, we wanted to know if there was any hope for the new characters. We all know that this season will be different than the others in terms of plot, but will these changes improve upon what has come before? Let’s take a look and find out.

“The 100” season 8 is upon us, and fans are anxious to find out what will happen next. So far, the show has been retreading familiar ground with a predictable plot. Is there any hope for the new season? Yes, there is some hope for the new season of “The 100.” Although it may not be as exciting or gripping as some of the earlier seasons, it still has potential. Here are three reasons why: 1) The development of Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship. 2) The potential threat posed by Mount Weather. 3) Arkadia’s return. Although these are just three potential reasons for the new season being good, there is no guarantee that they will all come to fruition. However, if they do, then “The 100” could potentially regain its glory as one of the best sci-fi shows on television.

Season 8 of The 100 has been met with mixed reviews from fans

With Season 8 of The 100 premiering last night, many fans have given their initial reactions on social media. While some have praised the show for its ambitious direction, others feel that it has failed to live up to its predecessor. Many fans seem to be torn between what they loved about Season 7 and what they didn’t like about Season 8, with a large majority of reviews indicating that the new season is neither good nor bad but just “meh”.

While it’s too early to tell if Season 8 will be remembered as a classic or a flop, some things are already clear. First and foremost, the show’s writers appear to be operating under an extremely tight leash in terms of storyline. This was most evident in the premiere, which focused largely on character development and set-up rather than any sort of epic conflict or spectacle. Secondly, while Season 7 was dark and bleak in tone, Season 8 seems to be lighthearted and whimsical in comparison. Fans who were hoping for a more gripping story arc may be disappointed with this change of pace.

So far, it seems that The 100 Season8 has been met with mixed reviews from fans. However, it’s too early to tell if this will ultimately turn out to be a good or bad thing for the show moving forward.

Some plot details for Season 8 have leaked

Some plot details for Season 8 have leaked and although they are not confirmed, they give fans something to speculate about. According to the leaks, one character may die and someone else will take their place as the leader of The Resistance.

A lot of people are speculating that this death might be Finn or Rey, who have been through a lot together and seem like good friends. Other possibilities include Poe Dameron or Kylo Ren. Of course, nothing is confirmed yet so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when Season 8 airs in late 2019.

Are the characters doomed in Season 8?

In speculative fan fiction, the characters always seem to find a way to survive no matter how dire their situation seems. So, is there any hope for the new characters on “The Walking Dead” Season 8?

Well, it’s hard to say for sure. It’s possible that Rick and the group could make it out alive if they can come together and cooperate. It would be interesting to see how Negan deals with Alexandria now that he has complete control over it. Plus, we still don’t know what will happen with Lori and Carl. They have been through so much drama this season, and it’s possible that things could finally go their way.

However, as much as fans want to believe that the characters will somehow make it out alive, there’s just too much doubt at this point. With Negan looming ever closer on the horizon and hordes of walkers roaming around every corner, it seems like everything is going to end in disaster for our favorite survivors…

What does this mean for the future of The 100?

Season 3 of The 100 ended with a cliffhanger that left the fate of many characters in question. There is no doubt that the show’s writers have an answer for fans, but until they release it there is always the chance that something could happen that changes everything.

While there is no telling what will happen in Season 4, one thing is for sure – things are going to change. After all, the show has always been about exploring new and uncharted territory and this season may be no different. Here are four potential storylines that could play out in Season 4:

1) Clarke turns evil: Following Indra’s revelation that Clarke was not actually born on Earth, many viewers are wondering what will become of the young woman. It seems unlikely that CW would kill off Clarke so early in her story arc, but if she does turn out to be a villain it would make for an exciting twist.

2) Bellamy kills Lincoln: This storyline has been brewing since before Season 2 even aired and there’s no telling when or how it will come to fruition. In theory, it could play out in several ways including Bellamy killing Lincoln as retribution for all he’s done to him or simply because he thinks he has to after his own innocence is revealed. Either way, it would be an intense moment for fans of the show.

3) Octavia takes control: For much of Season 3 Octavia was content to sit


As the 100 Season 8 Release draws near, it seems as though there may be no hope for those who have been left behind. With new obstacles in their way and enemies lurking around every corner, will anyone be able to make it out alive? If you’re one of the many fans anxiously awaiting the return of your favorite show, don’t worry – we’ve got all the latest news and updates right here so that you can stay up-to-date on all things 100.

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