Vivian Howard's Weight Loss Journey

It’s no secret that being a chef, especially one who runs a restaurant, is
difficult. Ask any chef and they will tell you just how stressful an industry it is.
For Vivian Howard, the stress of running her eatery and trying
to maintain a healthy lifestyle came together in a perfect storm.

Vivian Howard Net worth, Age: Weight, Bio-Wiki, Kids, Wife 2022

Full Name/Birth NameVivian Howard
Stage NameVivian Howard
ProfessionProfessional Chef, Restaurant owner, TV personality
BirthplaceDeep Run, NC near Kinston (North Carolina)
Birth Day18-Mar-78
Age44 years old
Height1.5 m
Height(s) Feet4 feet and 11 inches
Heights in cm150 cm
Weight(s)60 kg
Weight in Pound132 pounds
Dates withTo be Updated
Marital ConditionMarried
SpouseBen Knight
Son/DaughterYes (Theo and Flo)
EarningNot Known
Net Worth$6 million

In addition to having an extremely busy schedule at her Greensboro, North
The Carolina-based flagship restaurant, Chef & The Farmer, was also going
through a divorce. And those two things combined resulted in Howard gaining
weight. “I was under a lot of pressure at work and my personal life had just
imploded on me all at once,” she told People in 2016 about how everything came
to head that year. ” So I started overeating as a coping mechanism.”

Vivian Howard’s Weight Loss Journey

Howard’s weight loss journey began in December 2016 when she decided that
she needed to do something to take control of her health. At the time, she was
working around 100 hours a week and her hectic lifestyle was taking a toll on her
body. “I was under a lot of pressure at work and my personal life had just
imploded on me all at once,” she told People in 2016 about how everything came
to head that year. ” So I started overeating as a coping mechanism.

That December, Howard decided she needed to do something about her weight. “I
knew that I had to take control of my health,” she told People. “It wasn’t about the
numbers on the scale, though. I’m not that vain. I just knew that I was


One of the first things Howard did was to decide that she needed to make some
serious changes in her diet. Her first step was to go gluten-free. After that, she
focused on eating more vegetables. She also implemented intermittent fasting
(more on that in a moment). Howard’s next step was to start exercising. She

began by walking a few times a week and, as her schedule allowed, she added
in a few more workouts.

Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

Vivian Howard’s diet changes were the key to her successful weight loss journey.
When she started her diet change, she was eating around 3,000 calories a day.
The typical recommended amount for someone of her size and lifestyle would be
2,000 calories per day (depending on a person’s age, recommended
daily calorie intake varies).

As she changed her diet, she cut her daily caloric

intake to around 1,200 calories. That’s a dramatic difference. For context, a
medium-sized apple has about 95 calories. So, one apple would provide 10% of
Howard’s daily recommended calories. How did Howard manage to survive on
such low caloric intake? It was no doubt a struggle. Her secret was that she
supplemented her diet with protein shakes (i.e. she used them as meal

An Introduction To The Benefits Of Kettlebell Training

If you’re looking to make some major changes to your body, you’re going to want
to incorporate some kettlebell training into your workout routine. Kettlebells are a
type of weightlifting equipment that originated in Russia. They are balanced in
the middle with a handle on either side so that they can be easily lifted and

Many people use kettlebells as part of their strength training routine.
They can be great for toning and building muscle, especially in the lower body.
There are several different exercises you can do with kettlebells to help
improve your fitness and lose weight. Squats are a great way to work your lower
body. You can use a kettlebell for this exercise by holding it in front of you, either
with both hands or just one. You can perform squats either with no weight or with
a lightweight (such as a kettlebell).

Cardio Is Still Important

As Howard’s journey progressed, she started to incorporate more cardio into her
routine. She was already doing some walking but she started to do a lot more

running. Running is a great exercise for weight loss, provided that you don’t
overdo it. Like all exercises, too much running can lead to injury. It’s important to
note that while Howard’s diet and exercise routine were successful in helping her
lose weight, they were not healthy.

Her low caloric intake and high level of
exercise were in no way sustainable. Luckily, Howard realized that she needed to
make some changes. When she did, she was able to lose the weight she had
gained, and more.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Howard’s weight loss journey was a dramatic one. Her
dramatic diet and exercise change helped her lose almost 100 pounds. And now
that she’s on the other side of that change, Howard is ready to share her story to
help others who might be struggling with their weight. Her advice? Make the
changes you need to make, and do it today.

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